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What is it?

The fair is a fun, family focused event to introduce Inglewood and Ramsay neighbours to local area goods and services. 

Where is it?

It will be held at the Ramsay Community Hall, 1136 8th St SE, a two-story building with a parking lot. It is wheelchair friendly.

Upstairs we have vendors and tables for people to promote their businesses and sell their wares, with a maximum two of any one type of vendor and approximately 20 tables.

Downstairs we have a youth fair, including free face painting by Beans with a little Greenie on the side. 

Outside in the parking lot we have a trunk sale, food truck and musical entertainment to add to the festival atmosphere. 

When is it?

May long weekend, 2016. May 21st 10 am - 4 pm. Vendors must arrive between 9 & 10 am and leave between 4 & 5 pm.

How many people come?

Depending on the weather approximately 350 families are expected. 

What do I get when I rent a table?

We will provide a standard long folding table ,4’x8’, and two chairs. Additional chairs may be requested at no extra cost to a maximum of 5.

How will I know where my booth will be located?

Placements will be done “first come first served.” Upon payment and registration we will set your location if requested.

I don’t want a table, what is this trunk sale?

You get a spot in the parking lot to sell anything you like out of the trunk of your car, bed of your truck, or side of your van.

I’m a busker, what do you have for me?

The parking lot is “L” shaped, with room for one busker in each arm. Space is rented by the hour, earlier bookings pick their times. In case of rain, buskers will be indoors, one on each floor. Let us know if you need electricity.

May I bring food to sell?

No. There will be a food truck on site, and each table rental includes a $10 food credit at the truck. Personal food is fine.

What happens if it rains during the weekend? 

We go rain or shine!

May I use a generator, how can I get power?

No generator. We have limited locations in which we can accommodate power; the fee for electricity is $10 dollars for a 10 amp /110 volts outlet; please let us know in advance.

Vendor Requirements

The vendor must show up between 9 and 10 am to set up their area, and must be ready to go by 10 am. They must stay until 4 pm, then clean up and be gone by 5 pm.

The vendor is required to clean up the area around their table and dispose of any garbage into the large green bin in the parking lot. The cleaning deposit will be returned subject to inspection.


Shop Local Vendor Guide and Registration Form PDF


You may request up to 2 tables. Please note that your tables will be situated side by side, unless otherwise requested. We provide a table and chairs and are not otherwise responsible for your rental requirements; call directly any rental company for your particular needs. A cleaning deposit will be charged for tables and trunk sellers. It will be returned at the end of the day after inspection of the vendor’s area.

Submission of this form by email & an email transfer payment are preferred but not mandatory. Cash or cheque also work. You will not be registered if you send a post-dated cheque and there is a $60.00 fee for NSF cheques. 


Type: Non-profit/Artisan $40. Business/Corporate $70. Kids/Senior: $20 - All include $10 food credit at NandN Lunch Truck

Trunk Sale: 1 parking space $15 - includes $10 food credit at NandN Lunch Truck

Buskers: 1 hr. set $15 (max 2 hrs.) - includes $10 food credit at NandN Lunch Truck