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Nature and Nurture

In your community since 2008

Our Services


Our goal is to provide adaptable, non-medical services that promote independence and enjoyment.  All of our services are aimed at promoting mental, social and physical activities. We strive to offer a holistic approach that takes into account our clients' needs and preferences.  Call us at 403-714-2284 to see what we can do for you.

Sample services:

1.  A client visit might include meal preparation, taking a dog to the vet then doing some yard work.
2. Another client visit may combine a friendly visit with an afternoon sorting and de-cluttering personal possessions.
3. We can visit a client in the hospital or nursing home then update out-of -town family on the client's status.

List of services

  • visiting
  • driving
  • check in calls
  • pet care
  • yard care
  • housework
  • food delivery
  • minor household repairs
  • hospital visits
  • personal assistant
  • personal shopping
  • care management,
  • developing care plans
  • respite care
  • advocacy and support during transitions
  • downsizing and home organization
  • home adaptations

We work with other companies and organizations to make finding qualified, specialized assistance as easy as making one phone call.  If requested, we maintain contact with family members in order to update services.